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Now in its 5th season, "LOL Take 2" is an acclaimed comedic podcast written & performed by actor, writer and producer, Tony Adelman, who chronicles the humorous side of growing up as a creative kid in suburban Iowa during the 1970's up through his 3 decades in Hollywood.  Subscribable on all podcast platforms worldwide.  They’re short, they’re free and they’re funny.


Tony has acted onstage, in films, in dozens of commercials and on network television shows in his over three-decade hyphenated career in Hollywood.

As writer, he wrote, produced and scored the short film, "13 Heads of Hair," which had its sold out premiere at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, as well as the feature film, "Scattering Mother," which starred Richard Klein and Elliott Reid.

He wrote the book, music & lyrics for two comedy revues, "Brooding White Breads" (co-wrote book), and "Lost & Found & Hollywood Bound," which had runs in Los Angeles.

His song catalog numbers over 100 and he writes, voices and composed the theme song of the acclaimed comedy podcast, "LOL Take 2," now in its fifth year.

Tony lives with his husband of over three and a half decades and their rescue dog, Brodie.

4 years worth of episode thumbnails

Here are some reviews from the first four seasons of LOL Take 2:

“Tony can spin a yarn better than Garrison Keillor.”
“Just perfect.”
“You’re gonna love them.  Hilarious and so wrong...”
“These podcasts are absolutely brilliant! Lot of smiles while listening!”
“Great way to start my day.  Your stories are so relatable.”
“Wonderful as usual...I'll forever have the picture of a "young Tony" as a Price Is Right model etched into my mind”
"Laughing is always better than crying."